The benefits of being in Nature

Those of us who grew up with access to rural areas, wilderness and open spaces often take this opportunity for granted.  However, for many people, this is all too uncommon.  Much has been written about in recent years about the benefits of taking time in nature, stopping, pausing and just listening to the sounds around you and experiencing the place with all your senses.  

About a year ago I came across James Farrell who is a leader, coach and environmentalist.  Speaking with him I quickly got a sense of how connected he is with the earth and how it shapes  all that he does.  Meeting him reminded me of the times that guests and clients of ours who spend some time at Fuchsia Lane Farm often comment about the peace, sense of space and connection with nature that can occur here.  With this in mind we now leave a copy of James book, Being in Nature, which he co-wrote with Lee Evans, in each of our cottages.   This lovely work offers a range of ways that we can pause, take time in nature and become more revitalised, energised and connected with our core.  

We invite you to come and experience for yourself!