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Life and Career Coaching Breaks

Life and Career Coaching Breaks

Guests staying at our cottages can avail of a coaching experience over a weekend or longer stay. Niall Heenan is a qualified, award winning coach who works with people in the areas of career and personal change, increased effectiveness and business planning.

Niall’s  philosophy of coaching is to create trust which allows the client to work on deep and sensitive issues. Observers and clients have described this as being an ’emotionally intelligent’ coach.

Coaching can help people create deeper understandings for themselves, their businesses or families. This occurs through allowing clients, when they wish, to explore deep and sensitive issues in a very safe and secure manner. This results in clarity for the client and they use this clarity to progress and take action.

The coaching experience takes place at prearranged times over the weekend or week and provides for time for the client to have the time to reflect, consider and journal their experiences. A typical weekend would consist of two sessions of about 1.5 hours each while a week long stay would allow for increased engagement.

For more details email and you can also read testimonials from previous clients who have availed of ‘Coaching at the Cottages


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