Small actions, big steps in Regenerative Tourism

Part of our ongoing journey towards a more sustainable and regenerative destination is how we use all of the land resource that has been in our family for generations.  The importance of natural spaces, wild areas and trees has always been part of our place.  We are now offering guests the opportunity to place their own fingerprints on the future through supporting our native tree plantings.  Taking inspiration from the ‘Hare’s Corner’ initiative in The Burren, we are now looking to plant the parts of our fields that are too small for modern farm machinery to reach. These spaces offer ideal locations for native Irish trees such as Oak, Birch, Whitethorn etc.  We also intend to plant an orchard comprising of Heritage Apple tree varieties.

We are inviting guests who wish to be part of this to select the option of contributing to the planting of one to five trees when they make an online booking for one of our cottages.  We will then look after the selection, planting, staking and maintaining of these trees.  Depending on the time of year, guests may wish to be part of the planting and we will also note where each tree is planted and identify its supporter.

Regenerative Tourism offers visitors the opportunity to contribute to the place where they holiday, this is one example of how one can make a difference.